New Adventures

“You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”

–Jim Carrey

      Why start a blog… why not? As Jim put it so very nicely, you can fail at trying something you don’t enjoy so why not be yourself, do what you want, and have fun doing it! I am 21 years old, I am in college, I work almost 30 hours a week and that being said I need an outlet other than stress baking because I don’t need another 2 cake and 32 cupcake disaster; so blogging it is, which is much more flattering for the waistline. This blog will include:


        • Fashion (on a college budget)
        • Motivation
        • D. I. Y. (personal favorite)
        • Lifestyle
        • Recovery

      If you are still reading and wondering what I meant by recovery, well this is where it gets bumpy. For years I was embarrassed and ashamed of my struggles but in some of the worst parts of my life I learned that by sharing my stories it made me stronger and it could also help others. I have fought (and still sometimes do fight) with severe anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. I have had extreme lows in my life including a miscarriage but through the darkness I became closer to God and discovered a new strength I never knew I had. I won’t always post the dark and twisty stuff (yes, a Grey’s Anatomy reference) but if it could help at least one person feel like they aren’t alone then I will share my stories every now and again.


So that’s me, I hope you stick around and awkwardly navigate life with me. 

Best Regards,


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